Each Original painting is unique and a one of a kind creation. A great amount of time and detail goes into each piece of art from hand painted brush strokes in acrylic and oil medium, to the unique art of airbrushing done with only the best of paints, Createx Auto -Air Colors and House of Kolors Automotive Paint. Aspects of geological layering almost like sedimentary rock are imparted with mixed mediums such as metallics, gold and silver flaking, the introduction of coppers and iron magnesium’s in fine powder as well as glass resins, pearls and industrial candy coats as seen on high end automobiles. Certain master pieces also use elements of sculpture with molding paste, crackling and organic material to highlight low and high points in the picture creating a dimensional embossed image which leaps off the canvas.

ARTIST PROOFS – Not Available at this time

With the addition of all these materials and techniques in the Original, you may ask, what does an Artist Proof look like and how does it differ from the Original painting? Due to this unique style of artwork, normal prints are no even an option. An Artist Proof is painted in the same manner as an Original and all of the above techniques mentioned in the Original are imparted in the Artist Proofs with one exception. Artist proofs are derived from the original image. The original is professionally photographed by Rob Ryan of Render DC prior to its completion. The artist proof file is digitally remastered with a spectrometer and color balanced to lead to the next step. It is then printed and stretched on canvas providing a mapping for the new proof. This is called a archial pigment print. The stretched canvas is then re-airbrushed in order to retain the true vibrant colors of the original. Molding paste, pearls, metal flakes, candies, and neon paints are incorporated, and then sealed with glass resins. The Artist Proof equals the Original. The Proof is of the same quality but has expressive variations. Essentially it is a new painting based on the Original. The price point of the Artist Proof can be marketed with substantial savings, thus provides the consumer access to a truly unique piece of art.