On July 15th, 2017 I headed to Merrillville, IN to do a meet and greet at Muller Acura. I always look forward to going out to see all the people there as I have done several appearances over the last couple years for Muller Acura. The owner Glenn Muller and I have become good friends and he treats me very well when I come. He also treats all of his employees and customers great which is another reason I really enjoy working with him and his dealership.

The weather ended up being hot and it was a bit more humid than I am used to in Colorado but not terrible. I was set up outside the dealership and so many great people came out to meet me and get a picture. It was a great day of meeting lots of new people and seeing some faces there that I had seen in previous visits. Some of the people stood in line for 2-3 hours to meet me and I tried to give as much time as I could to everyone there…I always wish I could spend more time with each person but sometimes it doesn’t always work like that. Either way, I stayed as late as I needed to in order to meet every person that came out and it was great!

The dealership provided free BBQ to everyone that came out and I think everyone there had a great day! I look forward to more visits to Muller Acura in the future and if you live in that area look them up and tell them I said to give you a good deal on a new vehicle!

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