If you are reading this then I want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to you for visiting my new Shaw Strength website. If you had visited my old site I am sure you had noticed it had not been kept up to date or updated in quite some time! I defiantly appreciated all of the messages I got from everyone letting me know how I needed to update the site, to get some new gear or restock inventory, and to FINALLY get the STONE SLEEVES in stock. Some of you have literally been waiting well over a year for those. I certainly want to apologize for all of that and the only thing I can say is it is tough to try to do everything involved in running a website when I am trying to compete at the top level…but even that excuse I don’t personally like so I am making it happen!

So after I finished the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition I decided to finally put my full focus into getting a couple projects done that I have been putting on the back burner for years, the first of which is this new Shaw Strength site. The second project that is almost done is Strongman Academy and you can read more about that and follow the link on this site to sign up for upcoming info…you won’t be waiting long!

I plan to try to keep all of you much more up to date through both this Shaw Strength site and through Strongman Academy moving forward. I am really excited and I look forward to having all of you see what has been keeping me up until 2 am most nights!

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