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Wild West hollywood artist Biography. Who is Chris Tutty?


Chris Tutty is a local boy, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His love of the arts could be observed in every school he attended from poetry books, yearbook covers, colouring contests, large murals, paintings, and his participation in various school productions and talent shows. After high school, Chris stopped painting and drawing all together to pursue a Geology degree. It seemed more practical to follow his father's footsteps into the oil and gas field. Check out the ARTICLE that was written about Chris and his father in the OGM (Oil and Gas Magazine).

Wild West hollywood CJay 92 Kids Fund

The CJAY92 kids fund as well as the Gerry Forbes Secret Wish program is a year round effort by CJAY92 to help Calgarians who could use a hand in difficult times. In an effort to further help this program artist Chris Tutty has decked out the CJAY92 station with several musical based artwork available for purchase with partial proceeds going to the kids fund.

Wild west hollywood charity, Humanitarian & philanthropist.


Chris’s art has impacted many charities, including the Kennedy Foundation, the Flames Foundation,
Guitars for Vets , Waterkeepers Alliance, Bill Brooks Prostate Galas, and Trout Unlimited, to name a few.

The spirited live and silent auction held at the Waterkeeper Alliance, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s favorite charity, Tutty’s canvas
sold for a cool $7 grand and was purchased by actor Jonathan Silverman of The Single Guy fame.

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Chris W. Tutty Interviews Public Relations Manager Jennifer Booth about this year's Calgary Stampede July 5-14, 2019.

Chris Tutty

Wild West hollywood Video


Wild West hollywood Video

For anyone who follows Chris tutty’s career every new creation is an exciting experience.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

Chris Tutty